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Korean Banchan Bibimbap cooking class with Cloe 17 Oct


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Craving the delightful flavors of Bibimbap and Banchan? 🍚🥢 Unveil the secret to crafting Bibimbap using the finest Banchan (Korean side dishes)! Join my exclusive cooking class, where Bibimbap and Banchan...

Craving the delightful flavors of Bibimbap and Banchan? 🍚🥢

Unveil the secret to crafting Bibimbap using the finest Banchan (Korean side dishes)!

Join my exclusive cooking class, where Bibimbap and Banchan enthusiasts come together for a culinary adventure. Don't miss this chance to master both in one go! 🎉👩‍🍳

#Bibimbapmaking #BanchanCookingClass

$98 per person includes;

- 2 hour Banchan and Bibimbap cooking lesson

- Printed recipe

- 1 hour Bibimbap lunch experience with me 😁

- Limited to 10 Pax only

Date:17 oct 2023

Time: 10.30-1.30 ( Lunch together)

Location : near Newton area (Will msg after confirmed)

Reaching us is easy!

By Bus: Numerous bus services connect to the Newton area, and the closest bus stop is only a few minutes walk away from our location.

By MRT: The Newton MRT Station is a mere 10-minute walk away, serving both the Downtown Line (DT) and North-South Line (NS).

For those who prefer driving, you'll find ample public parking spaces near our location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Kimchi’s Korean Cooking Class

Do I need any prior cooking experience to join the class?

No, whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner just starting out, we've got you covered. Our Korean cooking classes at Gold Kimchi are designed with various skill levels in mind, and the teaching approach is geared towards ensuring every participant understands each recipe's process.

Are the ingredients provided in the class authentic and of high quality?

Yes, we place great emphasis on the quality and authenticity of our ingredients. All items used during the cooking class are sourced from reliable suppliers we trust. The ingredients are not just high quality, but they are also authentic Korean products, ensuring that your results are genuine Korean flavours.

Are the ingredients used in the class easily accessible for home cooking?

Yes, the ingredients we use during the cooking class are commonly found in local supermarkets and Korean grocery stores. We understand the importance of being able to recreate your favourite dishes at home. Hence, we have ensured that all ingredients are easily accessible for your convenience and continuous learning.

Can I participate in the cooking class if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

Yes, we believe in providing a culinary experience that everyone can enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions or food allergies. If you let us know in advance about your specific dietary needs, we'll tailor the recipes to suit you without compromising the essence of Korean cuisine.

Will I receive a recipe book or materials to take home after the class?

Yes, you will. We want your learning to continue even after you leave the class, and what better way than with a comprehensive recipe guide? This guide will cover all the dishes you've learned during the class, with clear instructions and tips for you to recreate them at home.

How can I book a spot for the Korean Banchan Bibimbap Cooking Class with Cloe?

Booking a spot is as simple as visiting our website. There, you will find the 'Korean Banchan Bibimbap Cooking Class with Cloe' and instructions for booking. In case you face any issues or need further assistance during the booking process, don’t fret, as we're here to help you.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the Korean Banchan Bibimbap Cooking Class?

We don't provide formal certificates, but the knowledge, skills, and unforgettable memories you gain will be priceless. The real certificate will be your ability to cook delicious Korean Banchan Bibimbap at home, impressing family and friends with your newly acquired culinary prowess!

Can I bring a guest or a friend to observe the class without participating?

To maintain an effective learning environment and due to space limitations, only registered participants can attend the class. However, we encourage you to share your Korean cooking experiences and the delicious dishes you create with your friends and family in Singapore.