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How long can I keep the kimchi?

We recommend that you consume your cabbage kimchi within a month from the day you receive the items. As the kimchi ferments, generally it will get more sour over time.

*For radish and cucumber kimchi, we recommend to consume within 2 weeks for maximum crunchiness and freshness.


Where should I store the kimchi?

The best thing to do is to transfer the kimchi into your own airtight food container and keep it refrigerated.

It is natural that your kimchi become more sour over time. If you find the kimchi is getting too sour for your liking, you can use it to make soup or kimchi fried rice.  You can get some ideas from our recipes section.


Where should I store the anchovies and how long can it last?

Store the anchovies in the fridge.  We recommend not more than 2 weeks.


Where should I store the soft tofu paste?

You should store in the FREEZER. Can keep for up to 6 months.


How much is the delivery and how long you take to deliver?

There will be no delivery charge if you order above $45. Anything below there is a fee of $5. There is an extra $3 charge if the address is in the CBD. No delivery on Sunday.

You can choose the date of delivery from our order page. Normally we need 2 days to fulfil your order.


Can I pickup the kimchi?

Sure! You can come anytime from Monday to Saturday (9am - 8.30pm). Please arrange in advance with us by calling and WhatsApp us at 88122949.